Event Matches not adding up to our Three Crown and Match Totals

Hi RoyaleAPI, Seeminglee and team.

Following up on some questions in the S46 Boot Camp preview blog post.

  1. Noticed that our matches in the Events tab (particularly 2v2) does not register into our Three Crowns and Overall Match totals anymore. Is this just a bug or permanent for the future?

  2. In your Decks Page, will there be a way to sift out Event Matches or are they all lumped into Any Challenges?

  3. In your Decks Page, 2v2 matches now barely register. Is this because they are lumped into Event Matches? If so, will 2v2 matches ever be separated out again?

  4. Any word or clarification whether the 1v1 and 2v2 Event Nodes will have weekly rotating Party Modes again besides Classic 2v2 and 1v1 Showdown?

Thanks and always love all your work!