Esports Profile for VL89LR0

I would make a new profile for the acc #VL89LR0

This is not a valid player tag: Error 404 - RoyaleAPI

Are you sure that you have entered the correct player tag?

The clash royale tag from the account is #VL89RL0

@MIZU Go to your player profile and Copy the tag? The Tag you have provide is invalid.

If you don’t know how to do that, watch this video:


The player tag you gave me is VL89LR0 but I’ve found a player named Mizu with player tag VL89RL0 Perhaps that’s what you wanted:

For editing Twitter account, have you tried using this form: ?

also in Spanish:

If all of this is too confusing then sure give me the correct Twitter handle and @alpe123 will take a look at it.

Hi, I tried already with edit it, the Twitter is
Thanks for you help.

Did you can change it?

Have you submitted via Edit? You should use this forum to request change only if it’s been more than 2-4 weeks.

Yes I did it already some times, so I message the twitter support and they said I should try here because they can’t help me with esportprofile on twitter

Ok, well we will take a look at it. There are some irregularities about your request that will take some time to investigate. So this is not a done deal and you may not get a reply from us soon about this.

Hi Mizu, sorry for the delay. Do you already have a different account with an esports profile? Or is this your first one?