Esports Profile Changes

Hi, I requested a change a few days ago for a profile change, to change my nationality and my esports name, but instead I got them all removed. Please help me out since I need these informations sorted asap

Sorry, we can’t create a profile based on the information you have provided

What other information do you guys need? I can enter any clan or do whatever needed to prove that I’m the real owner of the account, you just need to tell me what informations do you need me to provide you

That’s not the issue. If you don’t have other Clash Royale or Twitter accounts then this isn’t enough to create your esports profile; not everyone is eligible to have it.

I do have another twitter account and clash Royale account, the thing is that my other clash Royale account isn’t that levelled up, that’s why I didn’t want it to be referred in my profile, but if that’s needed then my other account is S1LVA which has the Tag #2LLVV9YL, you can see there that it’s my in the original Sandstorm Pro clan btw xD
As of the twitter account, it’s @ OverzeroCR

Ok, so @IpkAlex is also your account?

Yes, it is
But I don’t play in it as much as I used to

Well, this is the kind of information I was asking for earlier. Are there other CR accounts or Twitter accounts that we should be aware of?

Not really, those are all I have, oh, but please only connect to my RoyaleAPI profile, regarding twitter, please only connect OverzeroCR since it’s my twitter related with CR

@alpe123 ^^^