[Escanor] Create esports profile

Когда смотрю некоторых игроков у них привязен твиттер аккаунты

Hi, you can request it here:

Хочу на свой аккаунт добавить твиттер. Уже 1,5 месяца назад уже скинул запрос так и ответ не пришло. Прилагаю ссылку на свой твиттер https://twitter.com/triton_kz. а это мой тег аккаунта #GCC08VPYU

Hi, our requirements to add esports profiles are quite strict. Not everyone is eligible to have an esports profile, so if you sent a request we might have rejected it.

Hello!! I want to add my profile and put my twitter account there and put the country Kazakhstan in this way. Its my teg #GCC08VPYU7 and my twitter @escanor_kz

Hello, you can use the following form for your request: RoyaleAPI esports profiles.

They haven’t responded for over a year now.

We don’t respond to requests, but we do review all of them.

More information here, please read it: