Epics in arena 1?

Hi, sorry I’m not sure if this is the place to ask but I figured I would at least try. I wanted to know if there was anyway to get epic card in arena one I saw that I can purchase a witch for two dollars so I wanted to know if there was any alternative so I can keep my account as a free to play player. My main account is currently level 31 so I figured I would ask for my mini because I saw this guy who had a lv10 Prince, he was lv20, only had 30 trophies, and was in arena 1. So I figured okay he only does party mode and events and such and avoids trophy road. So how do I get an epic like this guy does? I want to keep my mini in arena 1 and my goal is to keep him at 0 trophies. Is buying the starter witch the only way? I would understand if he had only a lv6 Prince which would indicate he bought the starter set (if the sets are different) but his was lv 10 meaning he got multiple epics. Please let me know any method I can use to prevent myself from having to get the Witch (she is only available for 4 more days) thank you!