Encontrar la ID

Good afternoon, I wanted to know if the tag of my old account can be found to be able to recover my account, I remember that he called me “pocholo”, the tag had yes or yes the number 2, I had users like “ema” from friends, " jungkook “,” jimmy " or “jim”, etc.
It did not have the new cards such as the Ram Rider, the Mother Witch, Electric Dragon, Spirit of Healing, Wall Breaker, etc. (I remember that I did not play 2 or 3 years ago, when only the Montepuercos and the legendary arena was at its highest)
Thank you very much in advance

We don’t do account search for friends. Can you give me one account name (case sensitive). We don’t search for cards unlocks either.

the account is mine and I say the name of friends in case it helps to find the ID, the name of my account was “pocholo”
PD: I said the letters that I don’t have in case it also helps to find the account id

Important: if no one has ever accessed this profile before then we won’t know about your profile, and so won’t be able to do a reverse player tag search for you. Here‘s everything:

Good luck!