Elite Wild Card

I would like to increase the numbers of elite wild card that we get when we have cards already level 14 or 15 :

Common card : 3 elite wild cards (it’s 1 today)
Rare card : 10 elite wild cards (it’s 5 today)
Epic card : 25 elite wild cards (it’s 20 today)
Legendary card : 1500 elite wild cards (the same)
Champion card : 5000 elite wild cards (it’s 4000 today)


If common goes up by x3 (and trustw me they wont), the other ones haVe to go up by x3 to match the rate. so maybe x2 for everything or it just wont work at all

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I think we don’t have to do x2 or x3 at all but change the numbers of elite wild card based on the real needings of the players and the value of each of them.

will be inconsistent

Why ? I think it’s good