Edit Profile on Royaleapi (LONG)

Hey Team so it’s the second time I post here for the same problem. It has now been almost 2 months and my information on my profile has still not appeared. I have resent the docs multiple times and still nothing. Pls help me.

@alpe123 please take a look.

@Poulet_CR would be helpful if you include a link here.

Hey don’t quite understand what you mean? What I meant is if you guys can check my form in priority for my profile edits because I’ve been waiting 2 months and still no replies even though I have resent the docs 2 times or more.

@Poulet_CR can you link to your player profile here?

Ok @SML Pls do something about it and apply my edits.
Thanks team. https://royaleapi.com/player/2Y2QYRGPY

Everything up to date now