E-sports achievement dedsafio

I was part of Team pompeyo, as a coach, in dedsafio, but didn’t get an achievement for it
However I joined the team with Asaf, but I wasn’t an official member because I wasn’t registered as a coach of the team.
I would like to get this achievement in my API profile and also want to get an e sports profile since I haven’t got one yet.
I’m also mentioned in Pompeyos tweet

and if necessary you can ask him.

Thank You🙏

Hello, you can use the following form for your request: RoyaleAPI esports profiles.

I already did it several times and never something happened

Hi, we review all the requests we get, but not all are approved.

Some accounts aren’t eligible to have an esports profile, like in this case, and that means that achievements won’t be displayed

So is there no way for me to get this achievement as a coach?

No, not having an esports profile means that achievements can’t be displayed