Downgraded and level locked from leagues


I started playing 3 weeks ago and got pretty hooked; the game is awesome and I love the apis and stats here; however, while I was frustrated because I was stuck just over 5k trophies due to massive card level differences; the update has taken me down to arena 14 and locked me out of competitive mode (also my chests have been downgraded to arena 14 from 15);

Surely this cannot be an intended consequence?

Am I supposed to stop playing now and just wait for months to be able to do leagues again? :frowning:

Any ideas if this block will be removed in the near future? I thought the new matchmaking would make us face similar level players but not remove us from leagues all together until we level up.

I also get 5 trophies per win now over 5k :frowning:

Adding more photos;

Current behaviour is:

I’ve lost access to leagues and arena 15 content;

I’ve still got arena 15 promos, but my chests are now arena 14 and also gold from wins.

I am getting 5 trophies per win.

Expected behaviour;

I understand you may want to lock or slow down players from reaching too high in trophy road; I do not understand why removing content I already had access to (leagues and arena 15); because that means the only thing I can really play now for fun is party… cannot do competitive anymore :frowning:

As someone that started playing 3 weeks ago and was super hyped about the game and the new update, I find it extremely frustrating.

Any ideas if this will be fixed soon please?

Sorry to hear about your experience. However, this is not a bug. Essentially, with the new update, you’re now required to have both the trophies and the King Level (accumulated from XP) in order to enter an arena.

Right now, to enter the 5000-trophy league (Arena 15), it will require that your King Level is act least Level 30. You will thus need to accumulate enough XP — through card donations or upgrading cards to get to KL30, then you’ll be able to get into the new arena.

Are we 100pc sure that losing functionality and removing access to already gained features a design choice and not an unintended consequence? I understand it would be OK if I never had access; but that’s not the case and now my chests are also smaller as I don’t get arena 14 anymore :frowning:
Any chance we could ask the devs about this please?

To me it feels like an unintended consequence; as in the patch notes it said 5k trophies to unlock leagues, but not level 30 :frowning:

To clarify, I am not frustrated about losing access to arena 15 (although it’s a bit annoying :)); I am frustrating about not being able to do competitive ladder anymore

I understand your frustration. The game is as functioning as intended and so there really isn’t a bug to report to the developers.

I’d recommend that you upgrade some cards to gain the XP required to get to the required King Level. I know that it will require some Gold, but generally speaking most card levels below 11 do not have high upgrade costs and the XP gained are fairly high.

If you give me your player tag or link me to your RoyaleAPI profile, I can suggest some card upgrades for you to gain the XP required, and calculate the gold costs associated with it.

By all means, please advice :slight_smile:

I am just trying to do masteries at the moment as already completed the challenges and no point doing ladder :frowning:

I think I am several weeks away or longer from 30, but let me know if you spot something I haven’t please.

I don’t have any cards left to upgrade, here’s my profile:



I’m going to link your profile here for easy reference.

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Ok, I have taken a look at your card collection now:

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that you don’t have any cards to upgrade at all. So this can be tough. For now, I would recommend a few things:

  • Donate cards. The game gives you XP for every card that you donate. It’s in your best interest to donate cards that you don’t use. Is your clan active and that there are always people requesting cards?
  • Play challenges. Make it a habit to play Classic Challenges for 10 gems every now and then. This is a good way to build up your card collection by winning cards. Getting cards from chests on Ladder takes quite some time.
  • Request cards. You should always be requesting cards when you can. Requesting Rare cards will give you a quicker boost (because Common cards are more readily available)

Do you play Global Tournaments? If you can get up to 10 wins in a GT then you should always spend 500 gems to get the premium rewards — but ONLY if you get at least 10 wins. GT battles and special challenges are always easier towards the end of the event (try them when there’s 1-2 days left before it ends). Because usually all the good players will be playing early and so when you play later you’ll face worse players and thus allowing you to gain more wins. (I use this strategy also)

This is everything I can think of so far for a relatively new player. Feel free to join our Discord server to see if other players can give you advice. The best you can do is wait — but play the Classic Challenges!

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Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

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