Does the API include specific emotes?

Since it’s possible to see how many emotes a profile owns, is it possible to see which emotes are owned by how many people and maybe extrapolate a statistic on which are the percentages of ownership for every emote? It could make an interesting article in my opinion.

(First time using the Feature Request flair so not sure if it pertains, sorry)

Right now, you cannot; and I don’t think that this will be an option in the foreseeable future. But that’s for @SML to comment.

No. This would require Supercell to add it — but it will be extremely low priority given how many high-priority items there are. As such, I don’t see this being implemented at all in the near future. Personally I would only add this feature request after they have implemented the high-priority items. It made no sense to ask for something that I know will not get implemented / that I know they won’t have time to implement.

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Sure, I was asking in case it was already known data, if it’s something different that has to be added by Supercell themselves it’s not worth it. Thanks for the answer

Everything that’s known is on our site — and some round-around workaround to get as much data from the API as possible. If something is possible, we would already have implemented it.