Does CLASH ROYALE make more money off of competitive play than regular players?

My question is, after 3 + years amd hundreds of dollars I’ve spent to perfect my Giant Skeleton deck, I’m completely losing interest in playing with the balance change. Why would they alienate millions of people for a couple hundred competitive players?

Balance changes are not based on games by “a couple hundred competitive players”. Rather, balance changes are based on two of the most balanced game modes in-game:

  • Top Ladder
  • Challenges (Grand Challenge, Classic Challenge)

Why use these game modes? Because there are no level-discrepancies in these game modes. As you know, regular Ladder depends on each player’s card levels. This makes it hard to use data to determine if a card is overpowered or underperforming.

Since challenges are played under fair conditions (the players have the same king and card levels, usually), it is possible to use the data from these battles (e.g. win rates, use rates) to see if any card require balancing.

Balance changes is a reflection of that. I’m sorry to hear that your deck got nerfed, but it is part of the game. Every game in the world goes through balance changes. This makes sure that the game is in a healthy state where every card has a chance to shine.

Hopefully, with the introduction of Magic Items with this update, you’d be able to try out other decks to play.

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