Dissapearence of achievments

@alpe123 My twitter, crl score and team achievement dissapeared off my api. Can someone fix it?

Hello, we usually create provisional profiles for all CRL participants, so that results can be displayed while the event is ongoing. Now that this edition of CRL has concluded, we are removing these provisional profiles. Only approved profiles will remain active and display CRL results.

but i already had an profile with my team achievement and twitter etc, now thats gone to

Yes, that’s expected when a provisional profile is removed

But everyone i know with a profile like that still got it? I got the team achievement from BESF before crl, that has got nothing to do with a professional acc etc, and I got my Twitter etc on it because of kvonb, she knows you.

Is there a way to get these things back? I don’t care about the crl 2023 stuff gone

No, sorry, not possible

But then Why does everybody else in my team still have the team achievement and I don’t?

Because their profiles are not provisional

But mine wasn’t either? I got mine bc kvonb had contact with you before crl even started. And after I got the team achievement, even the guy from my team who had the exact same situation as me still has is.

Sorry, if you are looking to argue this isn’t the place. You asked a question and got your answer.

I’m not tryna argue, but mine wasn’t provisional so that’s why I don’t understand, I got it because of kvonb before the crl stuff

No, still not possible