Discord Mod Profile Badge

Hello, to whoever it may concern: similar to how there is an existing /r/ClashRoyale Reddit Mod badge that appear on Reddit moderators’ API profiles, I think it would snazzy if there were a Discord Mod equivalent. I currently moderate the official Clash Royale Discord and feel that recognizing this specific group of the community would be a nice feature we could see in the future.

Sure, that could be interesting.

Do you know (approximately) how many mods there are?

Hey alpe! As of right now right, there are 6 admins on the team and 15 moderators.

Ok, sounds reasonable, I think we can add that. Do you know who’d be able to provide basic information about all these mods?

We’ll need player tags and some basic information such as nickname and location.

I could share the information, player tags, and any other material you are looking for. I will go ahead and shoot you a friend request on Discord (my tag is biscotti#8008) and provide it all in DMs.

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