Difference between training days and battles for the decks


With the first version of CW2, I know that it was not possible for you to know when the clan finished the race.
So, it was difficult for us to know if the user is active during the race or only during the days after the finish line.

We wanted to know that to manage our members : I took a screenshot when the boat finished the race and like that, I had a history of active players only. The battles after the finish line were not useful for the clan.

Today, with the update, I think it could be possible for you to upgrade RoyaleAPI to meet this request because the switch from training to battles is defined and the same for all clans. (I think)

So, is it possible to have a distinction between the decks used for training (Monday to Wednesday) and those used to move the boat forward (thursday to sunday)?

For example : If, at the end of the week, a player used 16 decks during the training and another used 16 decks during the race, this is not the same thing for us, as clan leaders.
In the past, we had that type of players : they only played after the finish line. They seems active in wars in the stats but they are useless for the progression of the clan :slight_smile:

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We are well aware about what’s needed — however the feature that you asked for requires the data to be available — and that is something that Supercell needs to implement. We have already asked for it to be added — keeping training + battle war decks separate. Please be patient as this is not something that we can do on our own, and they are understandably busy.

Ok thank you for your reply

As you are able to show the timeline at the top of the war page, I thought it was possible with the data available.

Congratulations for RoyaleAPI, this website is amazing and very useful.

Daily breakdowns are coming — it takes time to add since we weren’t given a preview ahead of time. It should be up in 24-48 hours

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Daily breakdown is now live

Participant breakdown won’t be available for a while because supercell needs to implement it. However, they said that they will look into it and see if it’s possible.