[Diego] Create esports profile

I requested mine esport profile on RoyaleAPI and nothing changed + missing api achievement

Hi, please read this:

I read it and do the same thinks , and nothing changed

I waiting 2 months for my esport profile + supremacy badge team achievement FIX IT!

I’ve submitted my application months ago but nothing happened.

Although everyone can apply for an esports profile, they aren’t always granted. If you have requested an esports profile a long time ago and never received it, most likely it has been rejected. We usually process all requests within 1-2 weeks.

What i can do to have it on profile i rly need it cus o partipiciate on supremacy with badge + this season supremacy i partipiciate its such a unfair

Sorry, there’s nothing you can do to change this, the decision is final.

Fr its your work to add esport profiles on RoyaleAPI i mean add me Twitter of my profile and my badge theres nothing hard

This is what u add but its bad so do it on my profile tag : LYVLVCYJ

Can u add my Twitter ( X ) on my profile .