Did Clash Royale in China still belong to supercell?

Hello, supercell! A Chinese friend of mine told me Their clash royale hasn’t been updated since the separate service, and no balance adjustment has been made. Their official replies and updates don’t involve China. Is it true? If it’s true, it’s too bad. It’s already bad that I couldn’t play with him. I hope supercell can give me a true reply! I am looking forward to your reply.

Hey there — this is not player support for Supercell. We are a third-party content creator. Although we have special relationship with Supercell, we can’t answer questions on their behalf. Please write to in-game player support or use the contact form below to contact Supercell directly:

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Oh, no! This contact form can’t be used, it keeps showing "Your email has not been sent, please wait a moment."It’s just a robot reply in the game. Is there any other way to contact it?

anyway, CR in China still belongs to Supercell. Their game just doesn’t update the same way as the international version. I can’t give you more info than that.