Detalle de cuando participan en guerra

Lo primero de todo, Felicidades por el gran trabajo que estáis haciendo!

Mirando el detalle de la guerra de clanes que habéis añadido, creo que falta una funcionalidad básica.

Es necesario saber qué participante del clan juega cada día en la guerra.

Poder visualizar de cada participante qué día a jugado y si ha hecho sus 4 batallas (o no), es algo básico para ver que miembros están ayudando en un clan.

El actual problema es que a medida que avanza la semana, no se sabe si alguien ha jugado o no sus 4 batallas.

Ea posible añadir esta función?

Ya indicareis.

Un saludo.

Hello, there.
I’m not a Royale API support member. But I’ve done this myself for my clan.
It’s not perfect but I will share the details.

I’ve created a script that is in a loop.
It checks for when the last war ended first.
I’ve set the first reset time (10am UTC)
Then imports a CSV

Then, the script keeps looking for every member on the clan. Then, for each member, it checks for each battlelog.
If the script finds a new war battle (1v1 or duel) that has been not record on the CSV and the team is my clan, it exports to it. (It’s doing some calculations to determine the day of the week that the battle has happened - after or before the reset time)

Since the script is always looking for new battles, I don’t need to worry about the script anymore.
I’ve created an Excel that imports CSV contents and presents it to me in a pivot table.
Then I filter the information and I can easily check if any member is missing battles.

But its a feature that I would like to be implemented as well on Royale API.

Realistically, it’s not possible for us to implement this — it’s easy for you to do this for one clan, but do you know how many clans there are in the world? Doing this for millions of clans when most of the clans don’t need it would not be a good use of our resources.

If you simply want to auto fetch all the battle logs of your members, you can visit your clan battles and use the button to fetch all members. Then it will show up under that tab.

You didn’t give me your clan tag so I can’t show you where the button is, but here’s the button for this clan:

This button will fetch all 50 of your members and populate

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First of all, Congratulations on the great job you are doing! Looking at the Clan War detail you added, I think some basic functionality is missing. It is necessary to know which member of the clan plays each day in the war. Being able to visualize from each participant what day they played and if they have made their 4 battles (or not), is something basic to see which members are helping in a clan. The current problem is that as the week progresses, it is not known whether or not someone has played his 4 battles. Is it possible to add this function? You will already indicate. A greeting

There’s already an active request to Supercell to implement numbers of battles played. They have acknowledged it but hasn’t implemented it yet @The_King

There is nothing we can do except to wait.

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I had no idea you could do this. Yes, I totally understand that it’s not reasonably to do this under these circumstances. I just hope Supercell updates it’s API.

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