Delate twitter and competitive team

Hi i have to delete my team and my position in the team on my account named Zolai✨ (tag;#8PCYRVV8) if u can add this account to my main named Laizo✨, also i have to delate twitter account on zolai

Ok, so you are both Plumcake and Laizo?

Yes but zolai (the old plumcake) is connected for error to crav’s account (called plumcake on twitter) and also zolai is connected to crav’s old competitive team (ad minchiam).
Crav’s account is called crav⚽️pacca on royale api,
Zolai and Laizo are my two accounts on royale api but zolai has this problem, my twitter Crlaizo and my Team The lions gaming are connected only on Laizo and not on Zolai thats the problem