Decks - players - ladder

Hi- my favorite feature disappeared and I was wondering if that’s by accident or if technological limitations make it no longer able to be produced

When I look at a deck, and then choose players, it now has 4 options - trophies, Gc wins, Cc wins, and friendly.

There used to be a ladder tab and that showed the number of games a player used the deck with recently. That was super helpful when trying to find who has been using the deck regularly.

Looking at trophies isn’t as helpful because someone might play it once or twice and they show up - no way of knowing if that’s their main deck without then clicking into the player profile and digging deeper into their decks.

Any chance of that returning?

We removed it because it won’t fit in the horizontal space.

But mostly: it added unnecessary stress to the search server and we have removed it for system optimization purposes. Would it be ok if we simply add a usage to the trophy list?

Previously, we added win rates and what not to that list you are looking at and it’s a lot of calculations for something that’s not potentially useful — e.g. do you really care that someone is winning with it a lot (lower trophies have a tendency to win more than someone who’s playing at 8000+)

For your purpose, it seems that a simple counter next to the player’s name should suffice.

That would be awesome. Yes, I’d already learned that the win rate wasn’t so helpful, but the difference between someone playing it twice vs someone using a deck 400 times in the last 7 days is super helpful as I clan hop and make friends.

Thanks for the fast response and i appreciate the revision!

This is now implemented.