Deck search categories

I find the deck search battle types confusing. Please enlighten me…

What kind of decks are found using “Normal battle”?
I assume “Ranked” equals path of legends. Why didn’t you call it that way?

Same question for “Ladder” and trophy road.

And why do ranked and normal battle have no ratings filter?

I know it has been this way for some time already but I keep wondering about it, so finally asked these questions here.

BTW the FAQ section is empty (at least for me). And where is the link to

Normal Battle = everything that’s not special — e.g. no 3x elixir, no build-a-deck stuff. This usually means Ladder / Path of Legends / Some friendly battles, etc

Ladder = Trophy Road

Ranked has no Rating filters because the Rating filter is for Ultimate Champion — it’s the PoL Rating. In PoL, there no ratings tied to the system.


I have fixed the FAQ link on the site. But you can also use this: App | RoyaleAPI Help

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Thx, but one thing I don’t understand is why the rating filter is for ultimate champion only. Would it be possible to also add a rating filter to path of legends?

Path of Legends don’t have ratings. Just to be clear, this “Rating” mentioned here is the medals you see in UC:

Which is ONLY available in the Ultimate Champion League. Other leagues on Path of Legends don’t have rating.

Our deck search also has a rating (we named this before CR created PoL and it meant something different)

Ok thx, I understand what you mean. The point is I considered the PoL leagues as some sort of rating system, but it isn’t.

Sure, but you can’t use PoL Rating to filter decks used in other leagues. Is that what you are asking?

If say a Deck achieved 3600 rating in UC, but it’s never played in other leagues, what do I display then?

So I don’t actually know what you are asking for… if you want decks in UC then you should use the UC filter.

If this is not what you are asking for, then please kindly provide the exact behavior you are looking for.