Deck Improvement (HELP PLS)

Hi guys,

Can you suggest me cards to finish my deck. I want to use Royal Recruits, Witch, Archer Queen, Lightning and Bandit (because I have maxed these cards and feel very strong with them) but I need suggestion on which other 3 cards to use in order to build an appropriate deck!

Thank you in advance :heart:

The problem is mainly that these cards have no synergy… and it’s impossible to recommend a deck using these cards… what is your player tag?

I know it is hard to find a synergy (but I have tried different decks with the following cards and still there is something very little missing…) Almost all my cards are maxed btw… So what are your recommendations on probably card switch and building of the deck?

Thank you in advance!

The cards that I mainly use are the mentioned above + Pekka and Flying Machine

IF almost all of your cards are maxed then just play meta decks!

Just a bit weird build a strong deck with all that cards you got maxed, cause there are no sinergy between them, just recommend you max other cards and try to build meta decks