Deck Human Name Algorithm - Suggestions

I want to give some suggestions to the RoyaleAPIs deck naming algorithm.

  1. I want to give special mention to some special spells.

The spells I want to point out are freeze, clone, mirror, and possibly rage and earthquake.

The presence of these special spells is very important to mention in a deck name, because these cards denote a very different subcategory of a deck (like lava clone vs lava without clone).

In terms of priority, these spells should be put right under win cons because these cards are like a support win con (do spell on push -> big damage).

If you are against putting these spells on high priority, an alternate solution is to just add more win con combos in the win con list. Notable examples are:
Lava clone
Golem clone
GS clone
GY freeze
Loon freeze
Hog EQ
RHogs EQ

  1. I want to suggest some more win con combos

The decks that I listed above are some.
Lavaminer (make sure to give lavaloon and lavaclone precidence)
Minerloon (I saw Loon Miner, which isn’t what it is usually called. make sure to give lavaloon precidence)
MinerWB (I saw WB Miner, which also isn’t what it is usually called)
Giant Sparky
GobG Sparky

  1. General card priority changes
    Generally, more specialized and rarer cards are higher priority to name because they define and subcategorize decks better, but of course, there are exceptions, so I’ll do my best to list out all the important ones. These cards should go right after, or close after the win con.

The special cards mentioned above (clone, freeze, mirror, EQ, rage)
Elixir pump

  1. There is example of repeated names I found.

There might be others.

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Thanks for your suggestions. We will look into implement them when time allows.