Dark Elixir - New Game Mode

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When they first teased the Dark Elixir along with level 15 I genuinely thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the redeeming quality of the addition of a new level is this new gameplay feature tied to the level. When the updates rolled out I stayed hopeful. First, the Pass Royale “update” which was horrendous to say the least followed by the very recent Card Evolution update. Of course Supercell confirmed that the evolutions wouldn’t be tied to level 15 and I thought, “what a coincidence that evolutions will be coming before level 15. HA! I knew it. They are releasing level 15 later because they’re gonna introduce the new Dark Elixir mechanic with it.” and yet, my hopes were dashed when Supercell finally released level 15, and it turned out to be nothing more than a cash grab. It was a huge disappointment and a missed opportunity for the game. Instead of introducing a new and exciting game mechanic with Dark Elixir, Supercell just recycled existing mechanics (rage) in some dumb game mode and called it a day. I think I speak for most players when I say that trust in Supercell is just thrown out of the bus at this point. It’s frustrating for them to, not to mention, promise a new game mechanic, but to also only deliver a lackluster “update” that revolves around spending more money.


I like the concept of the game mode, and I think it can be a nice card for the future, we have a card that increase life (heal spirit, healer), one that increase speed (rage), it would be nice to have one to increase attack. Also something like a Complete Dark Elixir mode or even a Dark Lumberjack would be amazing to have

Banipls said it all. This dark elixir is pathetically the 50th useless mode, as well as yet another wasted idea that could have been worth much more. It could actually be a new game mechanic, or something that could update the game in a different way. Six months ago supercell filled us with promises but they have all become a sea of rubbish. New shop (so you pay), new level but not in the traditional way (so you still pay), new pass (so you pay double for much less things), new evolution mechanic (you have to pay for them and we provide very few so that you can start paying today, and pay calmly tomorrow) the old gold coins? did you accumulate them? well… they’re no longer of any use… (you’ll pay for new items, of course, no one pays for old things anymore) like star points (left to themselves in their uselessness)… It’s just not clear what do they think in supercell… We all like the game, we don’t need new modes, it’s okay to propose new ones every now and then, but we’d like to have new cards, new characters to play to match, being able to invent new decks… this that’s what you want…give us 4 new heroes and 10 new cards! in this way you would change the game much more positively

Does anyone know whether rage spell stacks with the dark elixir?