Daily War Attack Tracking - Yes you can separate it from practice days with the existing API - Here's how

In the war stats the following comment is made at the bottom of the page:
Known limitations : It’s not possible to separate participants’ war decks and medals for training days and war days. We have already asked Supercell to make this data available. We will enable this data separation once it is possible.

However, using data already provided by RoyaleAPI I have been extracting the total war-day attack numbers for months now using an algorithm that could easily be implemented by RoyaleAPI site developers:
Step 1: Anytime during the first war day log down the total attacks and the attacks up to that point in the day. Practice day attacks = total attacks up to that point - attacks logged for that day.
Step 2: On the 4th war day check if the clan has already won. If so, again extract the total attacks for the week, and the current war day’s attacks. Total War Day Attacks = Total Attacks - current day attacks - practice day attacks (obtained in step 1)
Step 3: If a clan takes 4 days to win, on the first day of the next week pull the total attacks from the previous war. Total war day attacks = Total attacks from previous war - practice day attacks (obtained in step 1)

A similar method can be used to generate the previous war-day’s attack numbers by just pulling data each war day and subtracting the practice day attacks and current war day attacks from the total.

Since I’ve been doing this using a spreadsheet each week from RoyaleAPI’s .csv data there is no reason that RoyaleAPI can’t do the same thing automatically.

Spudmaster Bob
The Helm, #GYOU2ORO

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You can do this for a single clan, yes. But it’s not possible to do it for all the clans.

Here’s why: there are millions of clans out there, and unless Supercell implements an endpoint that will allow us to fetch that data, it’s not possible for us to send millions of request within a second to get that number. And if we do this over say an hour:

1 million clans / hour
= 1 million / 3600 seconds
= 277 requests per second

We also have a rate limit and using 277 requests in a second just got fetch data that looks cool for a small group of people is a poor use of our resources. Not to mention that within that hour, if people did battle and we didn’t get the data correctly then there will be very angry users — any time if there are error margins, even 0.01% won’t cut it.

What this means: you can do it for ONE clan. We can’t do this for a million clans. So this is something that must be implemented by Supercell and not something that we can do.

There are lots of things that you can do on your own that can’t be implemented at scale.