Dagger Duchess - Clash Royale Season 58 (April 2024)

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Why did they remove legendary wild shards from the season shop? They just want to sell the new tower troop cards don’t they?


why have wild cards been removed from season shop? we cannot upgrade our cards without their. anybody don’t need to upgrade Royale Ghost or Princess and ext somebody need to upgrade other cards but removing wild cards from season shop make it almost impossibe… does anyone agree?


last update was like one step forward and this season is again one step backward. Whats the meaning of removing wild cards from shop? This is just making progression slower…


What does live ops mean?

Removing wild cards was one of the worst things possible for F2P. It seems the developers reptilian brains can comprehend kindness ; it would be impossible to give us lucky drops without taking away the main source of progression. $upersell are digging their own grave.

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