CW2 Riverrace

Is Supercell not providing real time updates to riverrace? I thought we could be tracking all clans riverrace like we used to, but after real war days started, RoyaleAPI is displaying non-war stats, only training days.

I saw a note that you guys are working with supercell to fix this, so I will just try to add a suggestion since the main topic is underway to be solved. Can you add number of played decks on training days and number of played decks on war days on separated tab? So, on river race tab you would have “War Decks Used Today” “War Decks Used on Training Days” and “War decks Used on War Days”, “Boat attacks”, etc. This would get a perspective of who is training and who is doing all war decks like in the end of the week.

I am well aware of what is needed. However, adding war decks that matter is on the feature-request list since the beginning of CW2, so while I can bring it up again, it’s unlikely that you will see it soon.

Just setting up expectations.

I’m not sure if you understood my suggestion. I hope this clarifies (the MS Paint image :-))
I was talking about, not doing a sum on War Decks Used (that is weekly based), but instead, two tabs, one for training days, and the other specific for war days (weekly based also).

I know what you are talking about. Whether it’s training day now or the River Race before, what’s important is the war decks used that ACTUALLY matters. I manage a clan family also — and I know what matters. However, as we don’t control the data source, this is something that Supercell needs to do. I have already asked for them to be separate since Day 1. You’ll just have to wait patiently for them to implement it.

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