CW2 Lose 2 Win Strategies

A major flaw in CW2 is the current state of its player matchmaking. Top global war clans intentionally have their players losing training day battles, and sometimes even battle days to easily get paired with underleveled and low-skilled players. Some clans even swap out all 50 players weekly with 50 new players that are fresh off of throwing for the last several weeks. On top of that, when clans know they can’t compete during the standard river race weeks, they will intentionally throw all of their battles until colosseum to give themselves a chance.

Please come up a with a solution to this Supercell. The top leagues should not have this heavy of skill based matchmaking. This is where the best of the best play. I understand that the lower leagues are filled with more casuals, so it makes sense to have skill-based matchmaking in those leagues. Thanks!


100% agree. Matchmaking should be done via something simple but effective. Purely by PB, Card levels, classic and grand challenge wins. Losing on purpose shouldn’t help match you with easier opponents that part just needs to be removed an matchmaking based on everything else except that to make it fair. :+1:t3:

Thanks Lew! However, PB, CC wins, card levels, etc can be abused just as easily. That’s why matchmaking should be almost random in the top war leagues imo.

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I agree! 100%

I have seen a screenshot from SC support regarding previous cw performance in matchmaking. It’s based off win percent in the previous matches. But there’s 3 major unknowns: Do training days count? Do duels count as 1 match or 2-3? How many matches are used in the win% calculation?

I’ve got an idea to figure it out and get much more precise answers to those questions, but I am not in a position to be able to pull it off.

Definitely. The exact metric is unknown, but no matter what it currently is…it’s being abused by nearly every clan. Supercell should realize that there’s an issue when the amount of draws and 3 crowns make up probably 90% of the battles in 4k on training days.

Have you looked into the battle logs of players on training days? How high of a percent are we looking atm? 20-30% or something above 50%? Could you hypothetically get a clan to leggy 2, have a bunch of players play training days and actually try to win, then kick everyone to freeze trophies on war day as a way to farm gold?

Yeah that’s very true. Would take awhile to make new accounts and max them though as most people have the relevant achievements now. But I see the point. Should be random, that almost seems easier to achieve. Maybe keep a lvl and card barrier so a lvl 10 doesn’t play lvl 14. But those should be only factors in place