CW2 Leaderboard Rewards

Dear Supercell,

While a dedicated competitive community exists within CW2, the numbers are dwindling due to the mode’s stagnant state and lack of competitive spirit. An easy solution would be introducing gem rewards (similar to COC) for clans atop the global and/or local leaderboards each season. This addition could rejuvenate interest among new players and retain existing ones, providing a fresh incentive to stay engaged.

@SML Please forward to Supercell if you think this may be a possible feature. Thanks!


I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment expressed regarding the current state of Clash Royale’s Clan Wars 2 mode. It’s evident that while there exists a dedicated competitive community, its vitality is waning due to stagnation and a perceived lack of competitive spirit.

Introducing gem rewards for clans atop the global and/or local leaderboards each season presents a straightforward yet effective solution to reinvigorate interest among players. By providing tangible rewards for performance, you not only incentivize existing players to remain engaged but also attract new players seeking competitive challenges and rewards.

The introduction of gem rewards would inject a renewed sense of excitement and motivation into Clan Wars 2, transforming it from a routine activity into a dynamic and rewarding competitive endeavor. Furthermore, the allure of gems serves as a universal currency within Clash Royale, appealing to players across all skill levels and playstyles.

Moreover, by fostering a more competitive environment through gem rewards, you create opportunities for players to showcase their skills, strategize with their clans, and strive for excellence. This not only strengthens the bonds within clans but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie within the broader Clash Royale player base.

In conclusion, the implementation of gem rewards for top-performing clans in Clan Wars 2 has the potential to breathe new life into the mode, reigniting interest among both seasoned veterans and new recruits alike. I urge Supercell to seriously consider this proposal as a means of enhancing the competitive spirit and longevity of Clash Royale.

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