CW2 defence?

Hello, back again with another idea for Royale API that is primarily for CW2. Even though clan wars isn’t necessarily really popular among lower tier clans, it becomes more and more popular with silver+ tier clans with medals averaging at 700/player/day. (From clans I’ve seen at least… with minimal exceptions).

As an active CW player myself I’ve always wondered whenever I add my boat defence if this is the best defence I can make. Of course there is the issue that CW2 can drastically vary in card levels with some decks containing both lvl 14 cards and level 9 cards, so a strong boat defence could be difficult to mount, and an API to help players make these defences could be incredibly challenging.

However even though a boat defence will eventually be destroyed because it only spawns troops when attacked, the counter attack potential is what I think could make or break a formidable defence and force a player to use multiple decks, limiting their capacity to contribute to war.

I’m pretty sure that this could be a very complicated thing to produce and could take many months, and this change does only affect a handful of CR players so if you decide to pass on this idea I completely understand. But the handfuls that does participate in CW could very well be very interested in seeing a deck builder for formidable defences with deadly counter rushes. I feel however that an API could be helpful in this scenario -though not exactly necessary.

Thanks for taking the time to read another one of my ideas.
(FYI, for players getting used to CW. Never play a spell (whether that be a spell like fireball or a spell like goblin barrel) in your defence. The AI controlling the cards won’t use them the way you intended.