[CW2] Current River Race - Filter for clan roles

Since RoyaleAPI is able to return on River Race dashboard the clan roles (Leader, CoLeader, Elder and Member) I think it would be usefull to be able filter by Clan Role, just above Participants

Why this would matter (at least to me? Since we are tracking/watching war stats, means the clan is war focused. Sometimes it’s important to check how new members are going on the first week to take decisions about staying or kicking early week. The possibility to filter by roles gives us a more scoped information about members by role.

I hate touching these pages which are so complex as is but sure I’ll give you a filter. Can I just do a single-option dropdown menu? It’s unnecessarily complicated to do a multi-role dropdown which has low utility.

Thank you. Single would be perfect!

Ok this page might get updated in the future but if I don’t change this in 30 days please remind me