CRL points buggued


This year, i played CRL on 2 different accounts.
However, the number of accumulated points is incorrect.
Indeed, the first month i got 5 points, the second 25 points and the fourth, 15, which makes a total of 45 and not 40 as it mentionned.
Can you correct it?

Screenshots for evidence.

Thank you.


Hi, the displayed scores are correct. Progress from separate accounts isn’t merged together this year, so we’ll only display points of your highest account.

You can reach out to league ops for more details, but this is a clear rule for all participants.

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Okay, I understand, but then why is it displayed 40 points and not 25 points (the biggest score I have on my accounts)?

It will be updated, not sure when though. By default we add scores together, so we have to remove these scores manually.