Content Creator Badges

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I think Reddit should also be a platform where a badge of some sort can be earned (I’m biased, but don’t see why it’s any different than Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other non-traditional content creation platforms)

It is tough trying to think of what the requirements should be for these platforms, 10,000 followers doesn’t seem like enough on a platform like tiktok, Instagram or Twitter so maybe 50k.

Reddit is different though, as followers work much differently (and they also aren’t public, which makes verifying it a bit tough). I think I have around 800 followers on Reddit, all from my r/CR posts.

With the new Reddit insight feature, from a computer you can view your own community karma, and I have 102k total (34k comment, 69k post) from r/CR. IIRC the next highest user in the subreddit is around 50k total community karma, so I’m not really sure where to set a threshold that isn’t totally unobtainable.

I think Reddit is challenging to add because it’s based on fairly anonymised content. If user scores aren’t public and we don’t have a reliable way to connect them with CR accounts, adding these badges would be extremely difficult.