Connect all Accounts

I want to connect all my mini accounts to my mainaccount:

My mainaccount: popatusGamesTTV #8Q9OR9YLG
Please add the 8 following accounts in this order:

  1. :zap:SiegerIsGod​:zap: #92GJRJJLV
  2. popatusGames YT #QLR2LRG08
  3. polemon #8QGJ9VRG2
  4. Sieger❤Gy #L0Y8R098U
  5. 勝利Sieger❤Sparky #YVV0UY02P
  6. 優勝Sieger♥Hog™ #GJVJ9CCGU
  7. Level 1 sieger #Y8U9VQGJV
  8. Zero Trophies #JPVGY2GUP

Also could you please connect my instagram account as well:

Also my discord channel:

What happens when I change a name on one of these acounts? Will this be updated automatically?

Thank you very much!

Hello, you can use the following form for your request: RoyaleAPI esports profiles.

Is this really nessecary? I have to send 10 formulars for that

No you would need to resubmit with the changes.