Good night all right? Good on The Royale api on my profile, #L90220U8 can not put Instagram right? So I wanted to remove my Twitter, and leave only the tik tok, because by the tik tok already can find my insta, which is in the profile, case to put the insta is @VINGADOR_OP,, But if it does not give remove twitter please for me and leave only the tik tok that already has insta on it.
Another subject is about a college championship that had this year called “acadarenabr” That defined the best university of the year, with narration of decow, worth 30 thousand reais joining all the prizes, where I am champion in the final over the TRB Wallace, so I was wondering if I could put this important competition that I was champion in my profile, link of the competition
AcadArenaBR on Instagram: "O primeiro campeão do ACES de Clash Royale da AcadArena foi o @vingador_op, da @atletica.eltorojf! 🏆 Não faltou emoção na transmissão do @decowdocanal 🤩 #ACES #AcadArena #ClashRoyale"

Hi, we don’t remove Twitter links because we consider them basic information.

Regarding the event, it doesn’t meet our minimum prize pool requirement, so it can’t be added as an achievement.