Column in War .CSV showing if a player was in clan that day

Hi guys,
You’ve done a fantastic job with this site. I love all the stats that are available for wars and I’m working on uploading them to a database each day so I can view players who miss attacks. The API is out of my league so I need to do it the hard way :smiley:

What I’ve noticed is the .CSV downloaded from the War/River Race page shows all players that have been in the clan this season. Is it possible to have another column that shows if they were actually in the clan that war day? That way I can see if they actually missed an attack or if they weren’t actually in the clan.

If that’s not possible could a column be added that shows the players last date and time they left the clan and it could be blank if they are still in the clan? I could work out myself then if they were in the clan or not on that day. I currently download the .CSV then copy/paste the top 50 players from the website into a second sheet and do a vlookup to determine who is currently in the clan then go through the Discord clan log to see what time people left the clan and it’s very time consuming.

My main goal is to record how many attacks each player uses each day so if someone misses a day I can easily check if it’s a regular occurrence or a once off.

Hopefully you can assist thanks.

No. Supercell does not return that info.

Also not possible.

While your request is valid, unfortunately it is not possible with the type of data that Supercell provides.

Ah well. Thanks for the reply.