Clashmas - Clash Royale Season 42 (December 2022)

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finally legendary book :cold_face:

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I’m really hoping they bring back the season end shop deals where books are available for gems. As a free player it was that, combined with gems from masteries, which finally made it realistic to upgrade multiple legendary cards to max.

Looks like a great season and I’m so excited for the legendary book of cards! Now I can finally max out my magic archer and get my first level 14 legendary! It looks like supercell has put in a lot of thought into this season and we may have another mini pekka’s dream season coming our way! (That was by far my favourite season. A season about one of my favourite cards, and a literal arena made of pancakes, that will be hard to top in my opinion haha)

I’m dreading the hog buff though haha. I’m not complaining about it in no means but sometimes (by sometimes I mean 7/10) it ends up being the bane of my existence…….

I wonder if the January season will be based on the princess, since we haven’t got one yet, and adding new princess emotes would be cool, ngl.

Please rework the 500-chest cycle for King Level 42-50, by replacing the Epic Chest with the Champion Chest.

“There are obviously a lot more implementation details behind the scene…”

That’s an understatement. $h!t’s rigged af.

What happend to the 2 Christmas Banners? Did they even release them?