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Lets go same meta no new arena and no update in sight​:handshake::handshake::handshake: looking great​:hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

I have been playing this game for 4 yrs now and in recent months this game has become awful with its imbalances with cards and supercell creating these overpowered cards like the megaknight. Aside of that they also have ruined the game by over buffing the hit points or attack points on golem, balloon, lumberjack… this has ruined the game play as many has used cookie cutter meta decks with those cards mentioned above which has ruined it for everyone.

The game should be about strategy and skill and not be reliant on over buffed cards. They also have butchered many good cards like the three musketeers, it should not be at 9 elixir and vulnerable to alot of cards where the bowlers and barbarian can survive a rocket. Even at times balloons and hog rider can survive a rocket. Another good example of how a dart goblin can survive arrows. The mega knight and golem or so over buffed and cost less than three musketeers, atleast make musketeers back to 7 elixir. A lot of cards needs rebalancing.

Also doing quarterly updates is just a lazy approach to the game and makes it not fair to the gaming experience when we have to wait that long. Many other improvements should be addressed, the ladder point system still is not adequate as we still lose 21-28 points but gain 24-31… it doesn’t makesense.

The clan wars 2.0 has so much potential but there do many flaws and the biggest one is the timezone reset at 5am. My clan is in Canada so how fair is it that by the time we wake up the clans from Asia and Europe will have gotten their attacks in and have a better advantage with the 5am reset? If the timezone is a problem to do at noon or midnight then redo the matchmaking so we play against players in the same continent. In my experience playing ladder or any version of clan wars or tournaments, majority of players I play are not from North America at all only 1 percent. They should do something to encourage clan members to participate like reworking the cheer button so it brings clans closer. Plus the clanwars weekly points should be greatly extended so clans doesn’t finish it in 1 or 2 days because the clan just gets bored.

Now the Star points stuff… If we reach star status, our cards should have a special attributes besides skins since its expensive to obtain star levels. I hope something gets done about the game otherwise ppl will start to leave because of frustrations with the imbalances and over powered cards and bored if the game play.

when the balance changes coming out

Balance changes will come out when the new game client is released. See tweet from Drew: