Clash Royale releases China-specific version. What does it mean to you?

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Thanks for all the information, quite interesting. Love the new Valkyrie card. I hope it will make it to the international version. I find the current one very odd compared to the 3D rendering of the Valkyrie. The new one is just awesome!

Unban 水晶般清澈的湖iris水色 I was Falsely banned. Nerf hog nerf valk. Long live graveyard cycle!!

Is this player in China? If so, they have not been “banned” — when accounts migrate from the global server to the servers in China, they will show up as “banned” on the international server.

If china gets there own global leader board does that mean they will have there own arena finish badges? I looked it up and top 1000 in china is still challenger 3

The Chinese leaderboard is separate. If you’re viewing the “Local leaderboard in China” from the global API (e.g. our site) then what you are looking at are people who have successfully converted their account to “international”. Those people are not on the leaderboard in China.

You can only be on one server: either global / international (what RoyaleAPI displays) or China. You can’t see data from the Chinese servers on our site at the moment.

These are the boundaries of the Chinese leaderboard currently:

nope its my old account on american servers that got banned perma

the chinese version is so bad.
because of some technical problems, i had to switch from supercell id login to wechat login. now i have to real name verify my account literarily once a week. its especially annoying because i am not of age and my parents dont let me play.
chinese version has never updated after the split