Clash Royale October 2023 Update

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Card #110?! Let’s go! Can’t wait to see what SC rolls out - as long as they don’t make it as insanely broken upon release as Phoenix and Monk, it should be fine.

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Let’s hope so… I hope that we’ll also get some other new cards besides champions in the future, but I’m pretty pumped regardless!

I wonder what the new mechanic will be for this champion (by mechanic I basically mean ability)

And evo shards are still not accessible to f2p players…

why they cannot just nerf the amount of evolution shards or give more evolution shards for F2P players? Cash Royale is getting worse

at least they didnt make the game worse (if that was possible)

Personally, I have one fear, I don’t know if you do too, which is that in my opinion the champion won’t be available in the pass but you’ll have to make an additional purchase or wait for an eternity to drop it in a crate, and what level will it be? elite directly? I don’t think so, which means that everyone like me who converted cards and books into jokers will be disgusted.

I sent a ticket many times, but my problem was not resolved. My problem is; My previous highest level in “Path Of Legends” does not appear. A lower level appears instead. Why can’t this problem be fixed? I had reached the highest level and had the rare emoji there. I still have my emoji, but the highest level logo on my profile is missing.:pleading_face::rage: