Clash Royale League (CRL) 2023 Best Players by Win Condition

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No miner or sparky?

For practical purposes we usually label those as secondary win conditions. The win conditions that we listed here are the ones that are usually considered the archetype defining.

Aside form that, the “No Win Condition” category includes all those decks that do not include any of the other WCs.

Dear Supercell, I think the barbarian hut should be reworked when no one uses it anymore (0%):

  • When used, barbarian hut will only have a certain time to create barbarians. During that time, the barbarian hut will not automatically lose HP like buildings in the current game. After the timer expires, the barbarian hut will no longer work, but the barbarian hut will remain.

-After the enemy destroys the barbarian hut, one barbarian will be created (as currently)

=> That will make the barbarian hut last for a while longer instead of losing health over time, creating a little more time for allies, making the barbarian hut more useful.

  • In return, I think we should reduce the barbarian hut’s HP by about “3%-5%” to prevent this rework from being too overwhelming.
  • If possible, can it also be applied to spear goblin hut and furnace?

*A little aside, can the developer edit the following cards like this:

  • Rage: this is a very strong card, having more than 20% usage in every arena. Should rework:
  • Buff damage: 35% → 30%

  • Duration: 6 seconds → 7 seconds

  • Tornado: a very strong card but depends a lot on skills, so damage should be reduced to warn players:
  • Damage: -12%

  • Add new: Can not cause damage to crown tower

-Log: Suitable for all rank levels, used too much. However, nerf damage will make it disappear:

  • length: 11.5 → 11

  • width: 3.9 → 4

  • Pushback: 0.7 → 0.5

  • Magic Archer: he’s just okay, I think we should reduce his damage (which makes people call him trash) and reduce his first hit time (so he can easily trade elixir):
  • Damage: -9%

  • First hit time: 0.8 second → 0.2 second(please)

-Guards: he is too weak, cannot defend or attack with Skeleton Army or other cards. Needs buffs:

  • Spawn Guards: 3 → 4

Thank the developer if you have read to the end of the article. These are just a few of my thoughts, thanks Supercell.

From Vietnam