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Players that have acheived a top 1000 spot in the POL should not be allowed to have another account in the top 1000 as well.

I am not saying that those who do this are bad or need to be punished but when it comes to qualifiying its unfair. I beleive its unfair to those who may only have one account as they have to face the same players on other accounts competeing for a spot they already have. Them doing this allows pros to make infinite accounts taking up leaderboard spots eliminating other players from having the chance to compete.

Lets say there is a open qualifier for the top 1000 in a track event like long jump to compete in the olympics. I enter and compete to the best of my ability and place around 997. Then out of nowhere the #1 long jumper in the world shows up and gets 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place and 5th under different names. (Who knows how many other times they competed but placed much lower and goes unnoticed because they weren’t top in the top 10). Pushing you out of the top 1000 and eliminating you from being able to compete in the open qualifier but it was the same guy who got all of those finishes. Its impressive but not fair.

This is just an example but this would not slide in the highest levels of competition and would never be allowed to happen since the stakes are so high. With CRL having a large prize pool and being a professional competitive league I think there needs to be rule changes regarding placements. I also beleive that if players are allowed to do this then one way to combat it is to disqualify the other accounts and only allow the one accounts meaning someone who finsihed 1003 will get a chance to comepte since the 3 other accounts are the same person.

Who knows how many accounts are played by the same person. I have seen a handful of pros have more than 5 accounts in the top 1000. I hope that this can be addressed and something can be done about making this a fair competition allowing those who are less fortunate to have a chance.

If you’re struggling to finish top 1000, there is zero chance that you’re going to be one of the top 8 players in the world that get invited to the world finals.

Couldn’t even form a full argument or respond to my post properly. Bro made an account just to say that. Put more effort into your responses and actually grow up and respond like a normal person

Wasn’t trying to offend you or anything sorry if it came across like that but what I said is true, if you aren’t at the very minimum a consistent top 200 player then CRL isn’t something you should even be worrying about. These pros aren’t taking away from any prize pool or disrupting the competition in any way because the players that can’t reach top 1000 due to alt accounts aren’t good enough to win anyway.

Grizz is right if the criteria for qualifying for the CRL are “top 1,000 of CRL applicants.” However, the real-life rule is just a relaxed standard of ability to participate in the CRL, and it doesn’t mean much for some people to have multiple accounts on their leaderboards.