Clash Royal Player Tag recovery

Hello admin.
I played CR back in 2019 and stopped playing it around the same year. The thing is I connected my ID with Play Games back in the day and now while starting the app it says if you want to load your previous account *** and if I tap on confirm it redirects me to Supercell login and sends a verification code (*which doesn’t come in my mail).
I want to recover my ID but I can’t remember my player tag.
What I do remember is the following -

  1. Player name - King
  2. No Clan
  3. King level 8
  4. Arena - Royal Arena (*Trophies should be around that level)

I didn’t play any clan war in my opinion(*not sure) and also not participated in grand challenges(*not too sure about this too)
*Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is my first-time usage of this site. Please do tell me if you could be of any help.
Thanks and Regards.