Clash-O-Ween Clash Royale Season 52 (October 2023)

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Typo on tombstone when talking about season shop

In the Season Shop table (best items to buy)
Why showing the Gold with an EWC value of 75?
Isn’t 2000 gold = 200 EWC?

In this case, it’s referring to the amount of times you’d have to buy the offer to be able to have enough gold to max out 1 card to elite level if you buy 50.000 EWCs in the shop for 150.000 gold. Also, 2000 gold is not equal to 200 EWCs, that would mean too much of an economic loss for Supercell, they’d never be that generous. Although 200 common shards do equal 200 EWCs.

It’s still pretty clear to me that the EWC Value for the gold offer is wrong. 2000 gold = 200 EWC (not 75). You get that value by buying any card in the shop, it doesn’t matter the card rarity.

@RoyalAPI, can you please explain why you assign a value of 75? Every other row is fine, but this one is off by a lot. 1 EWC cost 10 gold since the last update to the gold value of Rares, Epics, and Legendaries.