Clash API Documentation / Data Available

I’m noticing that the Clash API documentation is much more comprehensive now. Does anyone know if there’s materially more data available that can be pulled (for example, match info showing the number of times a card was played in a match?).

There are more data, but not the kind you’re seeking.

The reason you can see it on our website is because we do have access to replay data which is not publicly available — but even with that endpoint, it is not possible to get those results.

A LOT of what we do rely on EXTENSIVE processing and database aggregation. Although the basics of what we do can be done with the API, LOTS of effort is done building on top of those basics.

No doubt, and thanks for your helpful reply. I download a lot of game result data and build statistical models to assess card vs card performance. Knowing the number of times a card is played would add significant lift and give additional strategy insights. Alas, it’s not to be.

Please keep up the great work on your site!! It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hola, estoy buscando donde se encuentra la documentación API para acceder a los datos.