Clan wars: war decks used today

I propose a small improvement in clan profile > War > River Race

we use it every day to see how are our possibilities. We click in all opponent’s clans, and we see how many players remains to play . Then , we calculate our possibilities to finish in the best position.

It could be very interesting to add war decks used in a day, in the daily summary. It is possible to see easily clicking in each clan. Then, it is not really essential. But really i think is a very good information to see in this page. In addition, calculate our medal possibilities each day could help everyone to see real position. Really, i think this feature could be added to the game, minimum remaining games, but Supercell doesn’t see how important it is for a clan to know if they are in first, second o less position at any moment.

I give you this two values, and you value if they are interesting to add:

Every clan can play 200 games per day. How many games have played is very important to understand how many medals they have at this moment

Perhaps this is the more difficult value to add without confusing users.

MAX MEDALS could give an user the max possibilities to reach a position (if they would win all remaining games). It can be calculated using this formula:

    (Why 225? We could use 900 for each 4 games, and simplify with 225 per game)

THEORICAL MEDALS could be calculated using a proportionality rule:
If we have played “X” games → And we have “M” medals at this moment
When we arrive to 200 games → we will arrive until ? medals

Then, M*200 / X = Theorical medals

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ok got it. this is possibly a dupe of another requests but I will include it.

Great news! thanks for all your work