Clan Wars II Questions

So 2 questions that I need answered but is probably easy to answer.

  1. I’ve seen on RoyaleAPI, for individual players they have what’s called “Clan War Readiness”. Could you provide more clarification as to what it means?

  2. In Clan Wars II, the weeks listed for a certain month of war is either 4 or 5 weeks. In the weeks leading up to the final week, if for example we cross the finish line as 2nd place from week 1-4 and week 5 being the final, can we still surpass other clans even if we attain more fame than other clans or is it once we cross the finish line, that’s automatically recorded and set as 2nd place?

2b) And the final week of war, since the fame is cut in half, no matter what place we crossed the finish line, we still have the rest of the week to battle to get a better place?

Bumping up

  1. Clan War Readiness is a breakdown of a player’s card levels. It is more relevant in CW1 but we have kept the name in this section as while it is less relevant, now, it still plays a role given that players do still need good card levels to play war battles since it’s now in Ladder levels.
  2. In the updated version of CW2, each river race consists of 10000 movement points. If 2 clans reach 10000 movement points at the end of Day 4, then there will be 2 1st place.
  3. There are no longer boat races in the updated version of CW2.