Clan Wars 2 History Download (All Clan Members)

On the main page of each player you can see their war history, not only from the current clan, but also from previous clans where he has participated previously

This history is super useful to know the strength of a player, and adding an option to download these histories for all the current members of a clan at once would be super effective for seeing the players with the lowest averages at war over various months in the different clans they’ve been to.

This can be done manually, but it would take to open the main profile of 50 members, so I ask for a way to download all this histories at once

Sorry but this can be abused — specifically, if someone visit all the clans then they would be able to download this for all the players , thus making our feature dangerous (for us).

Unless you can come up with a way to protect this, data download won’t be implemented.

So maybe you can give me a better idea regarding WHAT you are trying to do — there are too many people who are looking to scrape data from our site already. Unfortunately, what you propose would just expose our site to all types of abuse.

I understand, it would not be safe for the page.

I explain a little about what I’m doing, I take the 8 worst players of my clan, so, I go to the main page of the players and take their history, and take the average of their war score during the last 3 months (helping me with an excel)

Once with these averages, I kick the player with the lowest score and wait for a new one to join. When a new player joins, I see his history on his main page, and I take his history in war in the last 3 months to compare it with the players who made less points and kick the weakest again.

It’s a way to quickly rotate weaker players based on their war results from the different clans they’ve been in.

unfortunately the join history is not natively available on the API.