Clan Wars 2 badge not showing up?

Had a clanmate who rejoined my clan recently, and when I checked their profile it doesn’t have the Clan Wars 2 badge that shows how many wins they won. They were in my clan for a long time but it doesn’t register. Is it a bug or just the inactivity of the player that it doesn’t show up how much they won?

They’ve just never played war. Simple as. Unless the website has missed the war wins badge out which I would assume elseways

Whenever you notice a potential bug, please share the link to the page or the player tag of whoever is involved. Otherwise we can’t look into the issue in more detail.

No, they have. The record in their profile shows they have participated.

Profile: CringeCraft #GVCC0PYR8 | Player Profile in Clash Royale - RoyaleAPI

Last war date was back in June '22.

Yep, ok, something looks off. I’ll report it

Another member who joined my clan but has no badge for war wins.