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Hey there,
Im a co-leader of a war clan and use you war analytics tool a lot. But there would be one more feature i would love to have on there.
I was thinking about a feature which shows the score avarage by players for an entire war month. With this feature it would be easier to see how the player do on avarage on a more recent time.
Even better would be the addition if you could select all the war weeks which should be accounted into the avarage.
All of that would benefit co-/leaders to see which members are under-/overperforming and thus which of the players should rotate clans.
Thanks in advance for thinking about my ideas

So maybe something like adding a few extra columns to summarise seasons

@SML what do you think?

It’s possible but I’m not sure if it can necessarily be on that table or if it needs to add a column next to seasons.

For example, right now Cumulative (C) somewhat does this already, and it’s the cumulative performance for the last 10 war. Does that not somewhat achieve what you’re looking for, or would it not make sense to just have an average of all last 10? (or Total / participation), since people will join at different times etc.

The benefit of my suggestion is that you would be able to see the more recent performance of your players. Right now the avarage of 10 warweeks doesnt say anything about the players performance right now or how they adapted to the new meta/new war decks.
For example my clan has about 70 players which could play in the main clan (above 5k). So not all will play the war and some will throw battles in other clans. So then the 10 warweek sunmary is already useless. And in generell not many people have 10 consecutive warweeks in the same clan.
I dont know how this feature would look like in the end but in my ideal world it would look like there is an „avarage“ button where when you click it, you can choose which war weeks should be accounted into the avarage.
I hope this response made my suggestion a bit clearer

That seems a quite challenging environment to track, and you might want to consider some custom tracking for your clan that fits your needs.

In general I do see some value to adding granularity to these stats: they currently jump from 1 week to 10, and seasons could be a useful middle point. Adding more complexity than that may be too much; keep in mind that this is meant for leaders to track member performance, and having people jumping around will mess up this tool in many ways.

Yes any feature in that regard would be cool. It doesnt have the way i want it to be, but a monthly overview would already be coll👍🏻

Are you guys thinking about such a feature or wont there be a change?